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Mam powyżej 18 lat. Klikając ten przycisk potwierdzam, że przeczytałem i zgadzam się z Warunkami umowy, Polityką prywatności oraz Polityką cookie.

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by James Preece
- the UK's Dating Guru

The blog from James Preece

How to Get Your Ex Back

That's one of the most common questions I get asked as a Dating Coach. Break ups are the most painful part of relationships. No matter how strong and deep the relationship was, there often comes a point that both will decide to let go and free themselves from pain.

How to Move Online Dating into Real Life

You are fortunate enough if you have met someone online and exchanged emails and sweet nothings with the person. Dating online is undeniably fun, interesting and exciting, but you would definitely agree that you are also thinking of ways on how to move online dating to real life.

7 Ways to Let your Britishness Shine Through Your Online Dating Profile

I was recently approached by the leading online dating site to give my dating expert thoughts about how British men can have more dating success.
Break ups are the most painful part of relationships. No matter how strong and deep the relationship was, there

How to Choose an Online Dating Username

A recent study by the Queen Mary University of London proves one thing: in the world of online dating, your username really matters.
With online dating becoming a way that more and more couples meet, having a great username could help you.

Today Only – My New Dating Book: Stop Being So Fussy !

Due to popular demand, I’ve written a dating expert book which deals with the BIGGEST secret to helping singles find love.
Let's be honest, chances are that most singles are being just a little bit too picky. There's no point waiting